Capoeira Mandinga

Thursday 6pm – 7pm and Saturday 4:30pm – 5:30pm in the Red Room

Classes are drop-in and the price is $8 per class, first class is free.

Capoeira is an ancient martial art created by African and Brazilian people long ago. It is a beautiful blend of body expression, dance, music, and movement. In this class, students can expect a workout through constant movement. Students will be able to build a foundation by learning the basic physical, musical, and cultural elements of Capoeira.

Carla Neiderhiser

Carla (Sereia) has been practicing Capoeira regularly since 2009. She got her start with the Bowling Green Capoeira Mandinga group and Mandinga Detroit. She began teaching Capoeira class at BGSU in 2012, just prior to earning her yellow Cordão. Carla’s goal is to cultivate the cultural art of Capoeira for all who are interested while continuing to improve her techniques. She also plans on facilitating workshops from world class instructors.

Capoeira image