(Way of Korean Sword)
Instructor: J.T. Dean
Saturdays 11am – 12:15 pm, main room (unless otherwise specified)
Free trial lesson, $10 drop in fee after trial. $40 per month, $30 current core star members.

Kummooyeh, also called Kumdo in short is composed of many types of training, such as moving meditation, basic movements, sword patterns, cutting, sparring techniques and Korean traditional archery. Each type has a different purpose for developing students of Kummooyeh.

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Jerry T Dean began training taekwondo in 2001 and attained his black belt in 2006. He has experience in various other disciplines such as judo, karate, hapkido, kickboxing and weapon arts sword, archery and more. He currently holds 4th degree black belt in taekwondo. He is now training and teaching the art of Kummooyeh “way of korean sword”. He also traveled to South Korea and competed in the 2017 world taekwondo Hanmadang with team MooDo TKD.