Qigong Level 1 Self Healing Form

Mondays – 6 – 6:45pm in The Studio side room

All ages welcome! Donations graciously accepted!

Taught by Serena Christian, LMT
Certified level one instructor since 2013

Experience five healing positions in 45 minutes: Empty Force, Earth Hands, Cloud Hands, Around the World and Push Hands!

The exercise is performed standing calm through breathing technique and body positioning! Benefits the same blood circulation as jogging but without the stress!
• improves circulation
• increases immunity by reducing cortisol
• stimulates healthy appetite, sex function, assimilation of nutrients,digestion/elimination
• accelerates metabolism
• develops dexterity, reflexes
• opens arteries allowing blood able to enter
• enhances focus
• increases endurance
• feel more calm & peaceful

Sincere & graceful movements increase the ability to feel your QI cultivate!
How empowering it is to feel your blood increase and remove blockage! Part of practicing Qigong is also, doing good deeds without telling anyone! Come and feel what no other form of exercise can do! 😃

*All training & material obtained through Jeff Primack & Supreme Science Qigong Center!